About Me 

I am a native of Frederick and come from a Real Estate family.  Growing up in Real Estate showed me how to work hard and get the job done for my clients, whatever that job is, from showing homes last minute to showing them in a blizzard.  Yes, I did that once for clients who were relocating!

I remember my Dad a week before he passed working from a hospital bed in the dining room with the phone on his belly and a weak voice putting deals together for his clients.  This is where I get my determination to do the best job I can for my clients.

My Mom is also well known and well respected in the Real Estate community.  I learned my patience from her.

I am detail oriented and patient which are qualities that are essential to be an effective realtor as we need to be on top of the contract paperwork making sure deadlines are met and the contract process proceeds smoothly. 

Each client, whether buyer or seller, the home and the contract are all different.  Being able to adjust to each situation, be knowledgeable and skillful in handling questions, concerns and negotiations enables my clients to make the best well informed decisions for their own unique situation.

Time and time again my clients thank me for my service to them.  I am blessed to have been able to be of service to them to help them achieve their goals with the largest investment of their lives.  Their trust in me is priceless. 

When you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home, please contact me and Make Your Move with Me.

I work in Frederick County, Washington County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Parts of Carroll County and into Pennsylvania.  

If I don't cover an area that you are  interested in, I will find you a reputable agent who does.